Holding Powerful Entities Accountable

Civil rights violations require an attorney with more experience and knowledge of the law. For those who suffered abuse and acts of brutality from police, pain comes in the form of both physical injuries and emotional trauma.

You need someone on your side who takes a "bulldog" approach in the courtroom. Compassionate hand holding may make people feel better, but that approach is not the formula for success in protecting your rights.

A Bulldog Ready To Fight For Victorville Residents

James S. Terrell fights to even the odds and fearlessly takes on powerful law enforcement entities at all levels. While many attorneys will claim that they have insight into the inner workings of police departments, James S. Terrell possesses more in-depth knowledge. In addition to being an attorney and serving his country as a United States Marine, he is also a former police officer.

For more than two decades, he defended his fellow Victorville residents charged with serious crimes. Today, his focus is on securing justice for victims of civil rights violations that take the form of illegal and oftentimes violent acts. He has litigated complex and contentious cases and boasts a track record of success that includes monetary damages in the seven-figure range.