Officers Who Become Offenders

Police are sworn into office "to serve and protect." Yet, they don't always act accordingly. Though there are many exceptional law enforcement officers committed to truly helping the community, some abuse their power. If you feel as though a member of law enforcement has violated your basic human rights, you need a dedicated defense lawyer on your side.

What Is Abuse Of Power?

When an officer acts outside of his or her reasonable responsibilities, it is considered an abuse of their power.

If you're driving erratically or with excessive speed, a police officer has every right to pull you over. It's acceptable to see if you've been drinking. And, if you've broken the law, it's their job to hold you accountable and give you a ticket.

Beating you alongside the road for asking questions is abuse of your civil rights. Being raped during a traffic stop is unconscionable. It's also a crime. Wrongful deaths caused by law enforcement officials are especially heinous.

Unfortunately, these violent, illegal acts happen far too often in Victorville. You should not be injured under police custody. If you believe you are a victim of police brutality, you need James S. Terrell to defend your constitutional rights.

Get The Bulldog On The Bullhorn

Service in the United States Marine Corps taught Mr. Terrell not to leave anyone behind. As a former police officer, he understands respecting limits on authority. Combined with more than 20 years as a criminal defense attorney, he's got your six.

California's detention centers and drug deals often encounter serious, even violent, crimes. But incarceration doesn't rule out your rights.

If you've been abused by someone in a position of power, call the Law Offices Of James S. Terrell immediately. Don't allow justice to fail you. Even if you've committed a crime, let him retain your rights. Call 800-735-4049.